Spending the summer at musical camp, children can learn about music in a creative and hands-on setting. Music camp offers children a chance to see and play instruments and develop social skills.

The Benefits of Camp

Music camp can spark an interest in the arts from an early age. With immersion in a musical camp environment, children often emerge with energy and desire to learn more. Even kids who have not been introduced to classical music can find a new appreciation for this genre.

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Music Camp

The CPO hosts an Instrument Discovery Zoo during the summer. With a variety of music stations, children spend time exploring different instruments. Musicians staff each station to help children play the instruments. Musicians also help kids compose a short score, which will then be played for them.

This outreach is designed to inspire a love of music, especially in children who may not otherwise have access to these instruments and instruction. Through this program, kids build confidence that can last a lifetime.