The start of the Season is only 10 days away with A Taste of the CPO! We headed down to our storage room to check out some of our instruments. There were tonnes of neat instruments to choose from, but here are a few quirky ones:




Nope, it’s not a chiropractic tool! A ratchet is an instrument used by percussionists. When the musician swings the handle, it makes a clicking and rattling noise. Here’s what it sounds like:



African Gourd Shekere


A Shekere  is an instrument from West Africa consisting of a dried gourd (large fruit) with beads woven into a net covering the gourd. Check out this demo!




Another percussion instrument! Castanets are two hollowed-out pear-shaped pieces of hardwood, ivory, or other substance hinged together by a cord. They’re held in the hands, and make a”clacking” sound.