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New four-part online series

An Orchestra Adventure (with Maestro Karl and friends)

Join the Calgary Philharmonic and Associate Conductor Karl Hirzer for a fun and educational tour of the Orchestra! This four-part online series takes kids on a musical journey through the four sections that make up a symphony orchestra: woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion.

Along the way, they'll encounter different instruments and some of the musicians who play them, as well as take a few side trips to discover interesting facts about music and famous composers.

This series of four 15-minute episodes is perfect for parents and educators who want to share the symphony orchestra experience with children and spark a life-long love of classical music. Enjoy the first webisode now and a new release every two weeks (2 June, 16 June, and 30 June).

Webisode 1

Wondrous Woodwinds

Playing Now

Webisode 2

Sensational Strings

2 June 2020 at 2PM

Webisode 3

Brilliant Brass

16 June 2020 at 2PM

Webisode 4

Playful Percussion

30 June 2020 at 2PM


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