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Ad Astra Capital Campaign

Artistic Excellence, Community, Innovation + Capacity

Ad Astra: Building to New Heights

On 15 October 2020 we announced a capital campaign that will build a secure future for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and its contributions to the cultural fabric of Calgary. Ad Astra: Building to New Heights focuses on pursuing artistic excellence, strengthening our community, and ensuring a sustainable future.

The goal of the capital campaign is to grow the endowment established by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation in 1984. We receive a portion of the return earned on the fund each year — the Foundation has become our largest annual funder, exceeding all levels of government support. Over the next five years, we are aiming to increase the endowment by $25 million, which will allow us to plan ahead with a focus on providing quality performance, education, and outreach programs.

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Ad Astra Campaign Cabinet Members

Elizabeth Middleton (Co-Chair)
Elizabeth Evans (Co-Chair)
John Lacey (Honorary Chair)
Michelle Bailey
Walter DeBoni
Ann Calvert
Jeremy Clark
Ryan Stasynec

For more information on how to support the Ad Astra Campaign, please contact:

Jim Campbell
Director, Development
Calgary Philharmonic
[email protected]

Campaign News and Updates

Read about recent donations to Ad Astra: Building to New Heights here.

Read about recent donations to Ad Astra: Building to New Heights here.