Celebrating 60 years in 2023, the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus is a group of more than 120 volunteer singers who deliver excellence in the performance of choral music and promote the enjoyment and development of choral singing in Calgary communities.

Chorus Director

Assistant Chorus Director

Evan Mounce

Chorus Administrator

Katt Hryciw


Heather Allen
Karine Baumgardner
Ellen Borak
Michelle Bozynski **
Tricia Bray
Patricia Bustillos Andrade
Carolyn Byers
Christina Candra
Twylla Jayne Conn
Sheila Cook
Laura A Davis
Ina Dobrinski
Larissa Donnelly
Megan Duckett-Sutton
Gail Feltham
Sue Galcher
Sim Galloway
Carolyn Hatt
Robyn Hauck
Lyudmyla Heath
Rachelle Henkel
Dale Hensley
Jessica How
Melody Littel
Freya Melax
Alicia Nesbitt
Gillian Posey
Brier Reid
Lisa Schalk
Barbara Schneider
Lisa Sears-Walsh
Joan Simmins
Barbara Soles
Becky Standing
Chantelle Stevenson
Crystal Tan
Tamara Vardomskaya
Chelsea Woodard *
Betsy Woolner
Ellen Wright


Margaret Anderson
Jessica Baedke
Susan Bell
Patty Mino
Heather Benson
Elizabeth Bowers
Michelle Cariou
Kelsey Chambers
Indrani Chatterjee **
Tanya Chow
Breanne Coady
Yvonne Courtney
Ruth A. Cross
Shirley Cumming
Rebecca Frederick
Hilary Gordon
Alexandra Guebert
Kay Harrison
Pat Heitman
Candace Hiebert
Helen Isaac
Allison Johnson
Cynthia Klaassen
Heather Klassen
Marlene Krickhan
Catherine Lasuita
Megan Lundrigan
Shawna MacGillivary
Emma MacKay
Barbara Mathies
Christa Merrell
Julia Millen *
Lucinda Neufeld
Britt Odegard
Mara Osis
Anastasiya Petruk
Anne Rodger
Liv Sawyer
Patti Vaillant
Julia Vanden Heuve
Alexandra Wang


Tim Ahrenholz
Dean Allatt
Tim Bell **
Keevin Berg
Philip Dano
Pat Favaro
Richard Harding
Katt Hryciw
James Hume
Juan Manuel López
Eric Ma
Abraham Ortega
Will Parker
Jason Ragan*
Peter Rilstone
Vitalii Semion
Dennis Voth
Joel Wabo


Archie Adams
Aaron Bartholomew *
Cam Bischoff
Glenn Bontje
Ian Charter
Chad Conrad
Timothy Cooke
Kevin Di Filippo
Arthur Dick
Alan Dornian
Carel Du Toit
Mark Dumbrique **
Allan Huber
Eric Klaassen
Drew Kotchan
David Kroeger
Mark Louie
David Mark
Martin Mobach
Keith Odegard
Kori Patrick
Dave Pattison
David Rim
Dana Salter
David Schey
Anton Siaotong
Albi Sole
Daniel Tablazon
Greg Wagland
Richard Wanner
Jim Weisert
Keith Wyenberg

* Section Principal  ** Section Representative

About the Chorus

Celebrating 60 years in 2023, the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus is a group of more than 120 volunteer singers from all walks of life who deliver excellence in the performance of choral music and promote the enjoyment and development of choral singing in Calgary communities. Established in 1963, the Chorus is a professional-level performing partner to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and one of only two choruses in Canada that is part of a major professional symphony orchestra. The Chorus, led by Chorus Director Mark Bartel, performs a wide variety of repertoire, including oratorio, opera, classical standards, pop favourites, and commissioned new works. In a typical season, the acclaimed ensemble is featured in four to eight concerts with the Orchestra.

How many people make up the Chorus?

There are approximately 125 Chorus members.

What is the music background of the Chorus members?

Amateur musicians with music experience in school, church, and community choirs or private lessons.  Musicians with undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, Royal Conservatory of Music training, and current university music students.  Professional singers serve as section principals.

Who has the chorus collaborated with?

The Chorus has collaborated in performances with several other local choirs and ensembles, including the Calgary Girls Choir, Luminous Voices, Cantaré Children’s Choir, Spiritus Chamber Choir, the Calgary Boys’ Choir, Edmonton’s Richard Eaton Singers, the Calgary Canadian Korean Choir, and the Calgary Civic Symphony. The Chorus has performed or premiered Canadian works by composers Jeffrey Ryan (Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation), Stephen Chatman (Songs of Joy), Arthur Bachman (Flute Concerto), Randolph Peters (Intensely Alive), Abigail Richardson-Schulte (Song of the Poets), Andrew Balfour (niya), and Laura Hawley (I Rise). The Chorus has performed at various community events, participated in Calgary Phil’s Symphony Sunday for Kids concerts, and performed for Queen Elizabeth II in a special 1990 presentation conducted by the late Mario Bernardi, Calgary Phil Music Director Emeritus. The Chorus has travelled to perform in Chicago (2015), to the Choral Canada Podium Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland (2018), to Festival 500 in St. John’s, Newfoundland (2007), to Edmonton to open the Winspear Centre (1997), and to Winnipeg to sing Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 (1997).

Want to get involved? Learn more about auditions for the Chorus here:

Upcoming Concerts with the Chorus

Chorus Supporter

Borak Forte

Founded by Ellen and Allen Borak, this program helps elevate the art of choral music by supporting and nurturing the development of the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus. This program provides more than 120 volunteer singers with the opportunity to grow in their performance of choral music and promotes the enjoyment of choral singing in our communities.