The Calgary Philharmonic Chorus, led by Chorus Master Timothy Shantz, is a group of over 100 voluntary singers and 4 section principals who perform diverse repertoire including oratorio, opera, light classics, contemporary music, and pops. The acclaimed ensemble is featured in 4-8 concerts with the Orchestra each season.

Calgary Phil Chorus
About the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus


Established in 1963, the Chorus works with the Orchestra to achieve excellence in the performance of choral music and to promote the enjoyment and development of choral singing in the Calgary community. Chorus members come from all walks of life and include physicians, students, lawyers and stay-at-home parents who dedicate over 19,000 hours annually to rehearsals and performances. The Chorus is proud to perform for local charities during the Christmas season and often takes part in community education and outreach activities with the Orchestra throughout the year.

The Chorus has participated in choral festivals across Canada, been featured in live recordings, and performed for Queen Elizabeth II in a special presentation conducted by the late Mario Bernardi, CPO Music Director Emeritus.

Chorus Master

Timothy Shantz


Evan Mounce


Hannah Pagenkopf*
Karin Baumgardner
Lindsay Bellemore
Ellen Borak
Michelle Bozynski
Tricia Bray
Patricia Bustillos
Carolyn Byers
Christina Candra
Katherine Clarke
Sheila Cook
Laura Davis
Ina Dobrinski
Sihana Dorfsman
Gail Feltham
Lisa Fernandes
Ymene Fouli
Sue Galcher
Sim Galloway
Alison Gibson
Carolyn Hatt
Dale Hensley
Jessica How
Linda Janzen
Amy Klintberg
Julie Miller
Gillian Posey
Colleen Potter
Lisa Sears-Walsh
Joan Simmins
Becky Standing
Chantelle Stevenson
Chandra Stromberg
Melissa Symanczyk
Norma Webb
Dianne Williams


Julia Millen*
Margaret Anderson
Barbara Boland
Indrani Chatterjee
Tanya Chow
Breanne Coady
Bernie Constantin
Carol Cooper
Shirley Cumming
Janice Dahlberg
Gillian Forster
Kay Harrison
Patricia Heitman
Amanda Holt
Helen Isaac
Allison Johnson
Heather Klassen
Kaitlin Krell
Catherine Lasuita
Lorrie Lipski
Barbara Mathies
Sue Mcnaughton
Susan Mendonca
Patty Mino
Mara Osis
Karen Palmer
Anastasiya Petruk
Josee Robitaille
Anne Rodger
Donna Ruparell
Monica Samper
Monica Schultz
Marian Žekulin


Jason Ragan*
Timothy Ahrenholz
Dean Allatt
Tim Bell
Keevin Berg
Tristram Chivers
Pat Favaro
Andrew Fraser
Barb Hogan
Jungsoo Kim
Allan Morgan
David Owen
Peter Rilstone
Richard Seale
Ross Smith
Joseph Stedman
Dennis Voth


Nicholas Allen*
Archibald Adams
Odeniyi Ayo-Ajayi
Ian Charter
Timothy Cooke
Lloyd Crosby
Kevin Di Filippo
Arthur Dick
Alan Dornian
John Ghitan
Ian Gibson
Luke Hibbert
Allan Huber
Dylan Jones
Tyler Jones
Eric Klaassen
Ian Lunt
Keith Odegard
Jackson Partridge
Dan Philips
Teddy Pope
Alasdair Robinson
Dana Salter
David Schey
Tom Van Hardeveld
Richard Wanner
Maxwell Webber
Jim Weisert
Keith Wyenberg

2019/2020 Choral Concerts

  • Kids at the Opera
  • Rush Hour: Greatest Opera Hits
  • Greatest Opera Hits
  • Romantic ObsessionResurrection: Mahler Symphony No. 2
  • Handel’s Messiah
  • Beethoven: Missa Solemnis