This March, the RBC Calgary Phil Concerto Concert returns for another year. Four students, two each representing the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal Conservatory will perform as soloists alongside the Calgary Phil in this annual concert. This showcase, supported by the RBC Foundation, provides a platform for emerging artists to display their extraordinary talents, perform alongside a professional orchestra, and receive feedback and mentorship from both Orchestra musicians and the Calgary Phil Artistic Director after the concert.

RBC, a longstanding partner in supporting emerging artists, has been a long-time sponsor of this concert series which is entering its 8th iteration. Since 1989, RBC has been a steadfast supporter of the Calgary Phil, recognizing the profound impact of the arts in enriching communities and stimulating economic growth in the region. Via its Emerging Artists Grant, launched in 2007, RBC has forged meaningful partnerships with organizations like the Calgary Phil, which have a common interest in investing in the careers of emerging artists.

We recognize the struggle many artists go through to gain the recognition they need to become successful in their practice. The intent of our program is to bridge the next generation of artists from emerging to established, and at the same time, help foster strong and vibrant communities,” says Jerilynn Daniels, Regional Director, Community Marketing and Citizenship at RBC. 

RBC’s initiative provides invaluable opportunities for networking, mentorship, and performance, laying the groundwork for burgeoning careers. 

The significance of RBC’s support extends beyond financial contributions; it’s about empowering early-career artists to realize their full potential. It’s through programs like the RBC Calgary Phil Concerto Concert that emerging artists receive the necessary resources and guidance to thrive. 

Collaboration lies at the heart of initiatives like the Concerto Concert, where institutions such as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, UCalgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, and Mount Royal University Conservatory join forces to elevate emerging talent. This collective effort underscores the transformative power of the arts in uniting diverse communities and fostering creativity.

Calgary-based violinist Angela Smart, a 2023 Concerto Concert performer, called the opportunity to perform with and learn from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra “a dream come true”.

Looking ahead, RBC envisions a continued evolution of its partnership with the arts community, driving impact and fostering inclusivity.

“We are loving the evolution of the Phil and how the demographic of the audience is developing. The Phil is doing some creative things to foster a love for symphonic music early and we’re noticing that in the diversity of the audience! We are really applauding that great audience growth and ability to remain relevant to a changing world,” Daniels adds.

RBC has invested over $ 90M in their RBC Emerging Artist Program, supporting over 35,000 artists since the program began. From providing a stage for emerging artists to inspiring audiences with captivating performances, RBC’s unwavering commitment to the arts enriches lives and strengthens communities. In this collaboration, RBC stands as a beacon of sincere support for the performing arts, nurturing the creative spirit and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.