By: Devon Klaas

Seven Reasons to Love Bruckner 

A divisive figure in the world of music, many listeners seem to either love or loathe Anton Bruckner’s music. Whether you’ve decided your faction, or remain undecided, we propose his sixth symphony as reason to define Bruckner as an undeniably enjoyable 19th century composer.  

1.The Sixth is His “Saucy” Symphony:
Bruckner said “Die Sechste ist die keckste” – meaning this symphony is his boldest, or loosely translated, his sauciest. What does that really mean? It’s got the sauce – everything you might crave in a symphonic work, layers of subtle musical notes, but bold in all the right ways.  

2. You Like Cinematic Music:
Bruckner knew how to build up to a climax! Like the tension in some of your favourite scores, you’ll hear grand build ups and then drops like no other.  

3. Music That Hits You in the Feels:
Bruckner’s Symphony No. 6 is like a love letter to your ears. With soaring, dreamy melodies (he loved an adagio!), Bruckner was at the end of the late-romanticism period and knew how to take listeners on a heart-wrenching angsty emotional rollercoaster! 

4. Huge Sound:
We love going to the orchestra in part, because we are in awe of the HUGE sound a full symphony orchestra can make. Bruckner was said to “build cathedrals” of music. Nothing can put the full power of an orchestra on display like a Brucker symphony – it’s so huge, you just have to hear it! 

5. Perfectionists can relate:
Bruckner revised and revised his works. He caught a lot of flak for this, but his contemporaries in composing had a lot of respect for him – including his friend Gustav Mahler. Who can’t relate to wanting to strive for self-improvement? 

 6. Bruckner the musical radical:
Bruckner drew criticism for more than his constant revisions, he was also steadfast in his determination to compose music in a style that wasn’t terribly popular to critics of the time. He laid the groundwork for contemporary musical radicalism, which gave way to the new sound explorations and diverse music we’ve heard in the past century.  

 7. It’s Bruckner’s 200th, baby!:
2024 marks what-would-be Bruckner’s 200th birthday. His bicentennial will be celebrated in cities and concert halls throughout the world, and especially in his home country of Austria. Save the airfare and hear Bruckner’s beloved sixth symphony with your Phil, led by none other than Music Director Rune Bergmann 

 In a nutshell, if you’ve been sleeping on Bruckner, Symphony No. 6 is your ticket to a new way of listening to symphonic music. Trust us — you won’t believe what you’ve been missing out on!  

 Hear Bruckner’s Sixth Symphony on Saturday 17 February at Birthday Bash! Bruckner + Louie. Get your tickets at the button below.

Bruckner’s symphonies are known for their drama, tension and great climatic moments — especially for the brass section. Still not convinced? In this video, hear our talented trombone section play Bruckner’s First Aequale in C minor.
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