Stay Informed – Join Our Membership Program!

Stay Informed – Join Our Membership Program!

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra offers exciting, exclusive events and concerts via its three membership programs. Enroll in our Mozart, Club Wolfgang, or Amadeus patron program and join others who share a love for the symphony!


This patron program appeals to a new generation of symphony supporters, offering social events throughout the year to community-minded individuals. Wolfgang offers intermezzo and concerto membership options, in solo or duet, and offers evening invites and Founders Room privileges. Members are also beneficiaries of one Amadeus recital.


Enjoy exceptional benefits from the Amadeus program, with a VIP experience every time! This program includes access to the Founders Room and invitations to the Amadeus recital, plus an invitation to the elite Amadeus dinner and private recitals. Concertmaster members will even receive 12 complimentary tickets. Each membership includes generous tax donation receipts.


Mozart members are not only kept abreast of upcoming concerts, but they also receive insider news and discounts on additional tickets. Special events are offered, such as the Amadeus Children’s Christmas Party, as well as access to the Founders Room. In addition to the Amadeus recital and finale, Wolfgang invitations and complimentary concert tickets are tendered.

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is excited to offer these membership programs to our loyal patrons. Many evenings of entertainment await!

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