JoAnn Falletta
Photo by David dam Beloff

Calgary. November. Think hot! Barcelona! Spain! Guitars! A warm evening full of luscious talent and incredible beauty!

Welcome to the Jack Singer, the CPO and Maestra JoAnn Falletta on the podium presenting the “Sizzling Spanish Guitar”.

Evocative, haunting, poignant and technically difficult, our CPO musicians and brilliant guitarist Petrit Çeku are presenting an extremely diverse program of classical orchestral and guitar masterpieces.

A New York Times favourite, the dynamic Maestra Falletta is bringing the beauty and the joy of music, through the Brussa Brava! Legacy Program, to Calgary. A renowned conductor with over 100 recordings to her credit, Maestra Falletta’s repertoire includes everything from “The Ring” to Stravinsky and whatever else catches her fancy. Luckily, she’s coming down with Spanish fever this weekend.

Inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Maestra Falletta is a whirlwind of talent. No less a paper than The Washington Post said of her: “Toscanini’s tight control over ensemble, Walter’s affectionate balancing of inner voices, Stokowski’s gutsy showmanship, and a controlled frenzy worthy of Bernstein.” What else is left except the elegance and passion of Spain?

I can’t wait to see her, hear her and talk to her. What will she tell us with her magic baton? 

See you at the CPO!

 Written by Andrea Brussa.


Andrea Brussa is the founder of the The Brussa Brava! Legacy Programme. This programme has sponsored over 80 guest conductors.

Your donation towards the Brussa Brava! Legacy Programme serves to elevate the music and the reputation of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.