Each season, the Calgary Phil presents dozens of unique concerts that tell a story. Each concert brings people together to create memories and celebrate the brilliance of orchestral music.

The Calgary Phil is celebrating you. The people who make up our great city.

Our audience is composed of thousands of people; all unique in their journeys and their day-to-day lives. But once we sit together, and escape into the music, and listen — we become part of a collective. You become part of the Calgary Phil experience.

Lily Ha (chef de partie at Bridgette Bar), Torean France (head coach for Iconic Hoops basketball development programs), Mary Big Bull (mother, nurse, and photographer), and Matthew Janz (adaptive skateboarding advocate and coach with Skate Bats) are some of the many reasons why Calgary is an incredible city. Each one of them exemplifies the values of community through contributing their talents to connect and celebrate others around them. In their work, they cultivate belonging through openness, excellence, and creativity. Values that drive us at the Calgary Phil, in the work we do every day, building towards an Orchestra that belongs to everyone.

This is Calgary’s Orchestra. Your Phil. Your Music.


Lily Ha

Torean France
@_iconichoops / iconichoops.ca

Mary Big Bull

Matthew Janz
@skatebats / skatebats.ca


Kai France
Prynce France
Mona Royal
Zach Abdala
Grace Forsyth
Adam Zinatelli
Heather Wootton
Jonathan Yeoh
Theresa Lane

Produced by DDG

Directed by Brock Davis Mitchell

Director of Photography: Michael Janke

Camera Assistant: Alexis Moar

Key Grip and Gaffer: Mark Guico

Sound Operator and Recordist: Derek Waite

Production Managers: Courtney Ilie, Dennis Envoldsen

Content Advisor: Janet Bwititi

Music Supervisor: Karl Hirzer

Special thanks to:

Mackenzie Pavka
Johnzen Tabot
Bridgette Bar Calgary
Curtis Ruttle
Skate Bats Calgary
Brett Connors
Brett Ferster
The Light Factory
Shae Paterson
Wakanwin Ewenin
Kandi Wyatt
Victoria Cimolini
Jessica Penalver-Cote
Aditya Chowdhury
Luis Raposo
Shelina Bata
Sylvia Riccetto-Mendes