A native of Regina, Trish Bereti Reid studied music at the University of Michigan and at Indiana University between 1983 and 1988, spending summers during these years on a fellowship at the Aspen Music Festival as Principal Bass of the festival’s highest ranked orchestra. She was awarded the prestigious Performer’s Certificate for outstanding performance on the double bass at Indiana University before winning the post of Principal Bass in the Thunder Bay Symphony, a position she held for two years. Also active as a soloist, she has been a member of the bass section of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra since 1990, and has performed as an orchestral and chamber musician across Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Bereti Reid took a sabbatical for two seasons from 2004 to 2006 to teach Double Bass at Memorial University of Newfoundland. During this time she also performed as guest soloist with the Newfoundland Symphony, performed a solo recital in the University faculty series, and appeared in many chamber recitals. It must also be mentioned that Bereti Reid and her husband, Dave Reid (Calgary Phil Bass Trombonist and MUN faculty member during this time) had their second child, Sophie, while in Newfoundland. They returned home in the Fall of 2006 with their two children, Sam and Sophie, and their beloved cats, Beast and Belle, to resume their careers in the Calgary Phil.

Who do you think are or were the masters of your instrument?
Gary Karr changed the standard of Double Bass playing in the 1960s and was the first ever to make a career as a soloist on the Double Bass. There have been many great players since then. The true masters are anyone who can play the bass in tune! The CPO bass section in its entirety is a great one!

Tell us a little about your instrument.
Ludwig Glaezel 1879, German, uncommonly found, it is a full-size instrument. Once a five-string bass, it was converted into a four-string, with extension, at an unknown time. It came into my possession in 1989, I am extremely grateful every day to have this wonderful instrument.

Do you play in any groups/ensembles outside of the orchestra?
I am a full-time member of the Kensington Sinfonia and Rosa Selvatica. I also play in many other ensembles when Double Bass is required.

What kinds of music do you listen to when you’re “off duty?” What’s currently on your iPod?
I don’t have an iPod, I play the old-fashioned CDs and occasionally records. My husband actually has an 8-track player at the old family cabin. I listen to mostly jazz, folk (60s & 70s), the crooners – Frank Sinatra and the like, and of course Classical, but this I listen to mostly at work.

How do you prepare for a concert? Any “pre-game” rituals?
Warm up.

How old were you when you started playing?
I was 14 years old when I began playing Bass, but was active in music, playing piano for many years previous.