The Calgary Children’s Choir was founded in 1987, to provide children in Calgary and the surrounding area the opportunity to receive training in choral music. Creating community, and an inclusive environment, as well as fostering a life-long love for singing  and music, are central tenants for the Calgary Children’s Choir. Our motto, ‘Singing For The Joy Of It’ espouses our firm belief that anybody who loves to sing, should be able to. We live this motto and mandate by ensuring our choral programs are non-auditioned, and accessible to anyone who loves to sing!

Kathryn Berko – Music Director

Sophia Adames
Sage Armstrong
Pearson Berko
Cassie Ellum
Megan Fleming
Simone Gervais
Sasha Greaves
Hannah Hopman
Carly Jonasson
Grace Koppe
Noemi Leavitt
Alan McPherson
Kelly Min
Alexia Mutu
Sofia Pigott
Rachael Stewart
Chloe Thibodeau
Sarah Watland