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Summer 2020: Virtual Concerts

Although training was cancelled for 2020, we featured online performances by well-known classical musicians and emerging young artists ages 12 to 18 who would have been attending the prestigious Morningside Music Bridge (MMB) program in Boston.

What’s New

Announcement of the Concerto Competition Results
30 July at 5 PM (MT)

Concerto Competition
23 July at 5 PM (MT)

Tune in for performances by Yasen Wang (China), Sofia Gilchenok (USA), Hun Choi (South Korea), Hao Wei Lin (Taiwan), Michal Balas (Poland), Ruibing Liu (China), Shengyu Meng (China), and Esme Arias-Kim (USA).

Past Concerts

Emerging Artist Recital V
27 July at 5 PM (MT)

Emerging Artist Recital with performances by Jinyoung Kweon (South Korea), Miray Ito (USA), Angeline Kiang (USA), Saehyun Kim (South Korea), Muyang We (China), Michal Bałas (Poland), Joshua Cai (USA), Wanxuan Wu (China), Caroline Hsu (USA), Bynn Nam (South Korea), Shengyu Meng (USA), Hao Wei Lin (Taiwan), and Hun Choi (South Korea).

Artists in Residence Concert
25 July at 5 PM (MT)

This Artists in Residence Concert features the Rosamunde String Quartet, Meng-Chieh Liu and Nikki Chooi. Enjoy performances by Noah Bendix-Balgley, Shanshan Yao, violin; Teng Li, viola; Nathan Vickery, cello; Meng-Chieh Liu and Nikki Chooi.

Emerging Artist Recital IV
22 July 2020 | 5PM MT

Emerging Artist Recital with performances by Jiayi Liu (China), Jingzhi Zhang (China), Sean Tan (China), Emily Jiwon Hwang (USA), Christian Chiu (USA), Esme Arias-Kim (USA), Seokyoung Hong (South Korea), Amaryn Olmeda (USA), Ruibing Liu (China), Yireh Choi (USA), Anais Feller (USA), Krzysztof Michalski (Poland), Song Hyeon Kim (South Korea).

Emerging Artist Recital III
20 July 2020 | 5PM MT

Emerging Artist Recital with performances by Yasen Wang (China), Siyang Rao (China), Tadeusz Wawrowski (Poland), Haixin Wan (China), Grace Huh (USA), Shuhan Xu (China), Lynn Nam (S. Korea), Mohammed Alshaikh (Palestine Authority), Tiffany Yeung (Canada), Duncan McDougall (Canada), Emad Zolfaghari (Canada), Henry Auxenfans (USA), Yoav Roth (Israel).

Artists in Residence Concert II
18 July 2020 | 5PM MT

Enjoy performances by pianist Lukasz Byrdy and cellist Zvi Plesser.


Emerging Artist Recital II
15 July 2020 

Emerging Artist Recital with performances by Jingyi Wang (Australia), Andrew Chun (USA), Yireh Choi (USA), Yixiu Lin (China), Eilien Tai (USA), Sean Mori (USA), Ryan Zhu (Canada), Hanyuan Zhu (China), Shuo Xu (China), Eena Yoon (Canada), Karolina Kamińska (Poland), Jessica Yuma (Canada), and Hanna Pozorska (Poland).

Emerging Artist Recital I
13 July 2020 

Emerging Artist Recital with performances by Mikołaj Woźniak (Poland), Jianxiu Jiang (China), Jaemin Han (South Korea), Katherine Liu (United States), Emad Zolfaghari (Canada), Luka Coetzee (Canada), Hao Rao (China), Wojciech Niedziółka (Poland), and Skylar Peck (United States/South Korea).

Artists in Residence Concert I

Enjoy the Viano String Quartet’s winning performance from the Banff International String Quartet Competition in September 2019.

Viano String Quartet

About MMB

Morningside Music Bridge is a unique international summer training festival — a bridge to both knowledge and to lasting, lifelong learning for outstanding artists age 12 to 18. The program brings together talented young musicians from around the world under the guidance of an internationally renowned faculty.

The primary objectives of the programs are to identify and promote outstanding young artists; create enhanced educational and performance opportunities; create enhanced professional development opportunities for music educators; promote inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect among all participants; expand community and corporate-based support for cultural interaction in the participating countries; develop long-term partnerships between classical music communities internationally; build a bridge of understanding and creativity that spans the world.

The 24th program in collaboration with the New England Conservatory (NEC) was scheduled to take place 6 to 31  July 2020 at the New England Conservatory in Boston, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. More than 1,500 young artists have benefited from the barrier-free music making experience. Its alumni are performing in the world’s major concert halls, recording for industry-leading labels, and working in the world’s finest musical organizations. Equally important are the cultural bridges and lifelong friendships the program participants, guest artist faculty, and partner organizations enjoy.

The internationally recognized Program is administered by the Calgary Philharmonic’s suite of educational festival programs through a partnership of the Morningside Music Bridge Foundation and the Calgary Philharmonic Society.