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Auditioning for the CPO

There are two new job openings in the Orchestra for a section first violin and section viola player. Ever wondered what it's like to audition for an orchestra? Our Assistant Principal Viola Player, Marcin Swoboda, gives [...]

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A Bass Story

CPO Bass Player Patricia Bereti-Reid told us the very cool back story behind her 1879 double bass. Montreal, Juilliard, and New York all played a part. In 1988, I had just finished school at Indiana University [...]

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A Polish Spectacular at the CPO

Only one day until Polish Week at the CPO begins! Our Friday and Saturday concerts, Polish Spectacular: Chopin, Górecki and Other Masters, feature world-renowned pianist Krzysztof Jablonski who performs Chopin's Piano Concertos No. 1 (Friday, September [...]

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Preparing a Musical Feast

"...I’m excited about every concert I’m performing. Whatever I am conducting that day is my favourite." - CPO Music Director Roberto Minczuk The CPO’s 2014/2015 Season is in full swing! We sat down with our [...]

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