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Calgary Philharmonic Foundation

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation is an endowment fund created to support the long-term operations of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Funds received by the Foundation are held in perpetuity. Donations made to the Foundation are eligible for a matching grant from the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, a program of the Federal Government’s Department of Canadian Heritage.

A portion of the return earned on the endowment fund is contributed annually to the Calgary Philharmonic. The Calgary Philharmonic Foundation has become the Calgary Philharmonic’s largest annual funder. The Foundation operates independently and at arms-length from the Calgary Philharmonic. The fund’s administration is overseen by the Trustees of the Calgary Philharmonic Foundation.

The fund is now one of the largest endowments held by a Canadian orchestra. It has grown from less than $1 million as of June 2000 to almost $40 million as of June 2020 thanks to: (1) very generous donor gifts over the years; (2) matching government grants, including from the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (from which over $10 million has been received to date); and (3) investment returns.

The Calgary Philharmonic Foundation is a not-for-profit organization formed under the Societies Act of Alberta and is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act.

For more information on how to support the Calgary Philharmonic Society and the Calgary Philharmonic Foundation, please contact:

Jim Campbell
Calgary Philharmonic
Director, Development
[email protected]

Ryan Stasynec
Calgary Philharmonic Foundation

Board of Trustees
Ryan Stasynec, President
David Daly, Vice President
Courtney Burton, Secretary
Shauna Walsh Cann, Treasurer
Eileen Marikar, Assistant Treasurer
Byron Neiles
Ellen Parker
Cathy Williams
Samuel Hayes