New Brunswick-born conductor Juliane Gallant is the Resident Conductor of the Calgary Philharmonic, and one of two fellows in the inaugural cohort of Tapestry Opera’s Women in Musical Leadership program. She made her Calgary Phil debut as a WML conductor in the 2022/2023 Season at Will’s Jams, and we caught up with her to get to know her!

Currently listening to: A lot of CHVRCHES, HAIM, and Jeremy Dutcher.

Dancing or Karaoke? Dancing!

Night owl or early bird? I love mornings. My first sip of coffee is one of my favourite parts of any day.

Apples or oranges? I often have both in my fridge, but neither can compete with mangoes.

Travel near or far? I always enjoy visiting new countries, but these days, I’m loving discovering parts of Canada I’ve never seen!

Coffee or tea? Both. When I’m on the road, I pack my AeroPress, and a few different kinds of loose-leaf teas.

Cats or dogs? Dogs, every time.

Fiction or non-fiction? Both.

Currently reading: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

Mountains or ocean? The ocean is my happy place.

Calls or texts? Texts.

Favourite composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote my favourite opera and my favourite symphony, but Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gustav Mahler and Francis Poulenc also have a special place in my heart.

Reading or writing? Reading, but I love words in general, and take a special pleasure in crafting the perfect program notes.

Farmers market or bookstore? There are few places I love more than bookstores!

Currently watching: I’ve very recently (finally!) finished the second season of The White Lotus.

Cake or pie? My mom’s carrot cake, please!

Talk radio or music radio? I have a bit of a podcast obsession. There’s always one playing when I’m cooking, cleaning, or at the gym.

Sweet or savoury? Savoury, but I never turn down dessert.

Comedy or drama? A mix of both!

Art museum or history museum? I love art galleries, especially modern and contemporary art.

Favourite hobby: Cooking gives me a lot of joy. I also enjoy doing the New York Times crossword every day.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset.

Summer or winter? Either, as long as the sun is shining!

Favourite things about New Brunswick: The ocean, the seafood, and the people.

Favourite thing about Alberta: At the moment, I love how much of this wonderful province I have yet to explore!


2023/2024 Concerts featuring Juliane Gallant: