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We’ve started the season off with a wonderful selection of music and now, just in time for Halloween, comes the appropriately titled “A Little Night Music.”

The Brussa Brava! Legacy Program is proud to present its first conductor of its new theme of “Maestras from Heaven” – the dynamic and talented Conductor Gemma New.

Presenting “Greatest Classical Hits,” she’s bringing us some of our best known and most loved classical works, including (fittingly for Norwegian Music Director Rune Bergmann) some Grieg.

I’ve just travelled to Norway and driven through the mountains and explored and snorkeled its fjords, so I can’t wait to hear Maestra New capture the raw beauty and profound civility of Norway with our wonderful musicians.

Fresh from guest engagements as illustrious as Chicago, St. Louis, and Tanglewood, with multiple Fellowships as prestigious as the Tanglewood Music Center and Dudamel Conducting with the LA Phil, as well as the Aspen and Salzberg Festivals, Maestra New’s credentials and stage presence have been confirmed by the world.

Gorgeous, graceful and with a dynamic and intelligent ability to interpret music both new and old, she will bring a new energy to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Just one review among many sizzling and ardent appreciations for her talent sums it up: Tony Ryan, in May 2018 at Christchurch, wrote Gemma New’s fluid, almost extravagant conducting style belied a performance of classical precision, vitality and drama. Every section of the orchestra contributed exceptionally dynamic and stylistic playing…” No wonder the Calgary musicians I’ve spoken to are excited about her arrival here!

Originally from New Zealand, Maestro New will feel right at home in our beautiful, western city full of energy, ambition, and appreciation for new and extraordinary talent.

Give her a big welcome and see you at the symphony!

 Written by Andrea Brussa.


Andrea Brussa is the founder of the The Brussa Brava! Legacy Programme. This programme has sponsored over 80 guest conductors.

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