Thuy brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for fostering positive change to her role as a Board of Director and Finance + Audit Committee member at Calgary Phil. With a distinguished career spanning over 13 years, she currently serves as a Director in KPMG LLP’s Risk Consulting practice, specializing in IT governance, risk management, controls, and compliance.

Equipped with a degree in Computer Science and the prestigious CPA designation, Thuy possesses a unique blend of technical acumen and financial insight. Her proficiency in navigating complex landscapes and identifying strategic opportunities is an invaluable asset to Calgary Phil.

Before joining the Calgary Phil Board, Thuy demonstrated her dedication to community advancement by serving as a Board member, Treasurer, and Finance Committee member for another non-profit organization for over three years. Her tenure in this capacity allowed her to hone her financial stewardship skills while contributing to the strategic direction of the organization.

Thuy’s belief in the transformative power of music to forge connections and inspire change is a driving force in her commitment to Calgary Phil. With her remarkable background in finance, governance, and nonprofit leadership, she is poised to guide the organization towards sustainable growth and impactful initiatives.

As a true advocate for bridging the gap between finance and the arts, Thuy envisions a harmonious future where Calgary Phil’s mission flourishes, touching lives through the universal language of music. Her dedication to excellence, combined with her visionary leadership, positions her as an instrumental figure in the journey ahead for Calgary Phil.