On Thursday, November 12th the Calgary Philharmonic presents the first Rush Hour of our 2015/2016 Season. Here are some facts you might not know about the performance:

Rush Hour is short
We’re presenting a one-hour abbreviated version of a concert. That means you can get the full orchestral experience in time for your dinner reservation.

The concert starts early
Unwind right after your hectic workday is over. The concert starts at 6:30PM.

You can follow along in the Tweet Seats
Associate Conductor Adam Johnson will provide commentary on @CPORush. All his tweets are timed with important points in the music. Sitting in the Tweet Seats allows you to follow along throughout the performance. You can even add your own questions using #CPORush and he will answer!

One piece is performed during the concert
Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade has dazzling, colourful orchestration based on tales from 1001 Nights. Expect to hear dramatic movements like The Sea and Sindbad’s Ship and The Tale of Prince Kalendar.

Tickets are budget friendly
With tickets from $25-$35, you can enjoy the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra without breaking the bank.