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Virtual concerts update

Due to the most recent restrictions on gatherings and venues, we’re not able to record performances the same way we did for our Fall Virtual Concert Series. But we’re busy working on new virtual concert experiences that meet current Alberta Health Services guidelines, so stay tuned!

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Upcoming Concerts

SATURDAY 6 MARCH 2021 / 7:30PM

True North: Story + Symphony

Join us for a special encore presentation of our True North: Symphonic Ballet, paired with the documentary about the creative inspiration behind this choreographed Canadian symphony commissioned by the Calgary Philharmonic for our True North Festival in 2017.

The True North Project documentary, created by Emil Agopian, will be shared online for the first time since its premiere. The film features interviews with the five composers from across Canada who each contributed a movement to this ground-breaking symphony — Dinuk Wijeratne, Maxime McKinley, Derek Charke, Dorothy Chang, and Vincent Ho — as well as with choreographer Yukichi Hattori, who created the narrative, performer Hal Eagletail of the Northern Dene Tsuu T'ina Nation, and conductor Gary Kulesha.

Following the documentary, experience the result of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with a special presentation of the 2017 performance. True North: Symphonic Ballet was commissioned with the support of the DeBoni New Works program.


Past Concerts

During the fall of 2020 we presented a series of free virtual concerts for you to enjoy from home. These nine online performances began small with a solo and duet, and gradually grew in size, wrapping up with a special Holiday Favourites concert featuring Music Director Rune Bergmann — making an appearance from his home in Norway — and Calgary Phil musicians with special guests.

Holiday Favourites with the Calgary Phil

Join us at home for the sounds of the season you know and love.

Program: Deck the Halls (Traditional Welsh Carol, arr. David Marlatt, pub. Eighth Note Music); Fantasia on Greensleeves, by Ralph Vaughan Williams; Jingle Bells, by J.S. Pierpoint (arr. Fred W. Teuber); Mittens, by Ellen Doty and Wyatt C. Louis (arr. Andrew Ball); Silent Night, by Lowell Mason (arr. Keith Snell); Joy to the World, by Lowell Mason (arr. Keith Snell); Concerto Grosso in G Minor Op. 6 No. 8 (Christmas Concerto), by Arcangelo Corelli; Sleigh Ride, by Leroy Anderson (arr. P + M Seguin, © Woodbury Music Company LLC, used with permission,; I’ll Be Home For Christmas, by Walter Kent (arr. Mateusz Czarnowski) featuring Ellen Doty and Wyatt C. Louis.

Musicians: Violins— Donovan Seidle (Assistant Concertmaster), Edmund Chung, Hangyul Kim, Bonnie Louie, Olga Kotova, Lorna Tsai (Principal, Second Violins), Stephanie Soltice-Johnson (Assistant Principal, Second Violins), Erin Burkholder, Craig Hutchenreuther, Adriana Lebedovich, Theresa Lane; Violas— Marcin Swoboda (Assistant Principal), Arthur Bachmann, Jeremy Bauman, Alisa Klebanov, Jesse Morrison; Cellos—Tom Megee, David Morrissey, Daniel Poceta, Karen Youngquist; Basses— Trish Bereti-Reid, Patrick Staples; Flutes— Sara Hahn-Scinocco (Principal), Gwen Klassen (Assistant Principal); Horns— Robert McCosh (Principal); Trumpets— Adam Zinatelli (Principal), Miranda Cairns (Assistant Principal); Trombone— James Scott (Principal); Tuba— Tom McCaslin (Principal); Harp— Tisha Murvihill (Principal); Harpsichord/continuo— Neil Cockburn

Walker | Beethoven

Program: ‘Molto adagio’ (Lyric for Strings) from String Quartet No. 1, by Walker; Septet in E-flat Major, by Beethoven.

Musicians: Violins — Diana Cohen (Concertmaster), Lorna Tsai (Principal, Second Violins), Craig Hutchenreuther; Violas — Laurent Grillet-Kim (Principal), Arthur Bachmann; Cellos — Kathleen de Caen, Thomas Megee; Bass — Jonathan Yeoh; Clarinets— Slavko Popovic (Principal); Bassoon — Antoine St.-Onge (Principal); Horn — Heather Wootton (Assistant Principal).

Böhme | Tchaikovsky

Program: Brass Sextet in E-flat Minor, by Böhme; Souvenir de Florence, by Tchaikovsky.

Musicians: Violins — Maria van der Sloot, Minnie Min Kyung Kwon; Violas — Michael Bursey, Jeremy Bauman; Cellos — Arnold Choi (Principal), Thomas Megee; Horn — Robert McCosh (Principal); Trumpets — Adam Zinatelli (Principal) on cornet, Miranda Cairns (Assistant Principal), Richard Scholz; Trombone — James Scott (Principal); Tuba — Tom McCaslin (Principal).

Ticheli | Nielsen | Mendelssohn

Program: In C Dorian (Canadian Premiere), by Frank Ticheli; Serenato in vano, by Nielsen; Octet in E-flat Major, by Mendelssohn.

Musicians: Violins — John Lowry (Associate Concertmaster), Olga Kotova, Hyewon Grillet-Kim, Theresa Lane; Violas — Peter Blake, Arthur Bachmann; Cellos — David Morrissey, Daniel Poceta, Karen Youngquist; Basses — Matthew Heller; Clarinets — Slavko Popovic (Principal); Bassoons — Michael Hope (Assistant Principal); Horns — Jennifer Frank-Umana (Associate Principal).


Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale

Program: L'Histoire du soldat (The Soldier's Tale), by Stravinsky.

Musicians: Conductor — Karl Hirzer; Violins — Diana Cohen (Concertmaster); Basses — Kyle Sanborn (Assistant Principal); Clarinet — Jocelyn Colquhoun (Assistant Principal); Bassoon — Antoine St-Onge (Principal); Trumpet — Miranda Cairns (Assistant Principal); Trombone — James Scott (Principal); Percussion — Alex Cohen (Principal Timpani).
Narrator: Haysam Kadri

Sextet + Septet

Beethoven | Ho | Hindemith

Program: Sextet in E-flat Major for Two Horns and String Quartet, by Beethoven; Four Paintings by Leestemaker, by Vincent Ho; Septet for Winds, by Hindemith.

Musicians: Violins — Donovan Seidle (Assistant Concertmaster), Edmund Chung, Erica Hudson, Steven J. Lubiarz; Violas — Michael Bursey, Alisa Klebanov; Cellos — Arnold Choi (Principal), Josué Valdepeñas (Assistant Principal); Bass — Patrick Staples; Flute — Sara Hahn-Scinocco (Principal); Oboe — Alex Klein (Principal); Clarinet — Jocelyn Colquhoun (Assistant Principal); Bass Clarinet — Stan Climie; Bassoon — Antoine St-Onge (Principal); Horns — Robert McCosh (Principal), Jennifer Frank-Umana (Associate Principal), Heather Wootton (Assistant Principal); Trumpet — Miranda Cairns (Assistant Principal); Piano — Susanne Ruberg-Gordon.


Louie | Brahms

Program: Falling Through Time, by Alexina Louie; Piano Quintet in F Minor, by Brahms.

Musicians: Violins —John Lowry (Associate Concertmaster), Hangyul Kim, Lorna Tsai (Principal, Second Violins), Adriana Lebedovich; Violas — Marcin Swoboda (Assistant Principal), Jesse Morrison; Cellos — Thomas Megee, David Morrissey; Piano — Akiko Tominaga, Susanne Ruberg-Gordon.

Trio + Quartet

Haydn | Tagaq | Beethoven

Program: String Quartet No. 1 in B-flat Major, by Haydn; Sivunittinni, by Tanya Tagaq (arr. Jacob Garchik); Piano Trio No. 1 in E-flat Major, by Beethoven.

Musicians: Violins —Diana Cohen (Concertmaster), John Lowry (Associate Concertmaster), Hojean Yoo, Stephanie Soltice-Johnson (Assistant Principal, Second Violins), Erin Burkholder; Violas — Marcin Swoboda (Assistant Principal), Jeremy Bauman; Cellos — Josué Valdepeñas (Assistant Principal), Kathleen de Caen, Daniel Poceta; Piano — Akiko Tominaga.

Solo + Duet

Bach | Chan | Eckhardt-Gramatté | Halvorsen

Program: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, by J.S. Bach; Soulmate, by Ka Nin Chan; Caprice No. 7 (Le Depart d’un train), by Eckhardt-Gramatté; Passacaglia for violin and cello, by Halvorsen, based on a theme by Handel.

Musicians: Violin — Donovan Seidle (Assistant Concertmaster); Cello — Arnold Choi (Principal).