Recognizing Others for Significant Achievements and on Special Occasions

Dick and Joyce Matthews were generous and dedicated supporters of the CPO for over 50 years. They regarded symphonic music as one of life’s greatest pleasures and shared their passion for the Orchestra with everyone they met.

This programme was created in their memory and provides you with the opportunity to recognize someone special on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and in memoriam.

Recognize someone for their significant achievement or to celebrate a special occasion by supporting the Joyce and Dick Matthews Philanthropic Programme

Donor List

Joye Brown

Margaret Lowndes

Amanda & Andrew Matthews

Jane Crow & Michael Matthews

Janet & Rick Matthews

John M. & Jean Partridge

Frances Elizabeth (Betsy) Ryan

Mary J. Fenwick

Carol A. Gray

Linda & Jack CrawfordDr. John Lacey

Isobel Pittman

Beverly & Gerry Berkhold

Johanna & Gijsbert Van der Voet

Pam & Eugene Nagai

Irene & Giacomo Capobianco

Gertrude Cohos

Read Jones Christoffersen

Patricia Daunais

Elizabeth Douglas

David Edmunds

Livia & Tibor Fekete

Judith Kilbourne

Dr. John Lacey

A. Ronald Law

Allison & Dan MacKenzie Pigeon

John Manes

Susan & John McWilliams

Molly & Richard Pilbrow

Carla Robinson

Marion Rogers

Catherine Scheers

Margaret Southern

David Tavender

Donald Wilson

Rolf Wuensche

Ann & Tony Luppino
Mary Rozsa de Coquet
Dave Barss
Gerald & Beverly Berkhold
Glenn Bilton
Calgary Philharmonic Players Association
Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Donald & Barbara Christensen
Edward & Mary Chwyl
Vic & Cecilia D’Amico
Marjorie Donais
Eldon & Carlie-Jean Godfrey
Carol A. Gray
Langille Family Fund
David & Linda Lathrop
J.J. McMurtry
Shirley McWalter
John M. & Jean Partridge
Adelard Raymond
Murdoch Robertson
Marion Rogers
Klaus & Carla Springer
Muriel A. Stewart
Sunesis Consulting Inc.
Vera Swanson C.M.
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen
Eileen Thurlow
Walter Dilger Consulting Engineers Ltd.
John M. & Jean Partridge
Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners
QV Investors Inc.
Sue Mavity
Audrey Oosting
John Thompson

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Soles
Senior Development Officer