Rush Hour

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What to expect at a Rush Hour concert:

Rush Hour is short
We’re presenting a one-hour abbreviated version of a concert. That means you can get the full orchestral experience in time for your dinner reservation.

The concert starts early
Unwind right after your hectic workday is over. The concert starts at 6:30PM.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour starts at 5:30PM in the lobby of the Jack Singer Concert Hall, featuring a different local craft beer each concert.

Follow along in the Tweet Seats @CPORush
All tweets are timed with important points in the music. Sitting in the Tweet Seats allows you to follow along throughout the performance. You can even add your own questions by tweet at @CPORush and CPO staff will answer!

Tickets are budget friendly
With tickets from $25-$35, you can enjoy the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra without breaking the bank.

Blockbusters You Know & Love

Thursday, 23 November at 6:30PM
Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich boldly claimed that “you’ll have a good, secure life… when the mood of Beethoven’s music becomes the mood of your whole life.” The Calgary Philharmonic wholeheartedly agrees and presents you Beethoven’s towering Fifth Symphony. Hailed as “one of the most significant pianists of his generation”, Andrew Brownell opens the evening.
KARL HIRZER, resident conductor


From Russia With Love: Tchaikovsky

Friday, 26 January at 6:30PM
They say that Russians are happiest when they are sad: indeed, Tchaikovsky wrote some of the most lyrical, plaintive, and heartbreakingly beautiful music ever. Yet the rousing and celebratory dances that fire up his ballets are anything but sad. Come hear the best of both in the Calgary Philharmonic’s moving tribute to the great Tchaikovsky.
TANIA MILLER, conductor


 Diana Cohen in Concert

Friday, 9 March at 6:30PM
A great presenter will catch your attention in under three seconds. Learn and watch how acclaimed violinist Diana Cohen can do exactly that with the first three strokes of her bow. As she leads the audience through Saint-Saens’ invigorating and virtuosic work with all the passion, focus, and drive required for any major career endeavour, you may just be carried away with the beauty of the music and the thrill of the moment.
ROBERTO MINCZUK, conductor Music Director Laureate


The Great Human Odyssey

Friday, 27 April at 6:30PM
Netflix will never sound as good as this – think Planet Earth meets Homo sapiens meets 137dB of live orchestra thundering toward you! Anthropologist and host Niobe Thompson, composer-conductor Darren Fung, and the Calgary Philharmonic bring you a cinematic and live musical exploration of our human origins, based on the award-winning documentary series.
DARREN FUNG, conductor/composer
NIOBE THOMPSONnarrator/filmmaker