Vern Griffiths

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Project Description

Vern Griffiths quickly established himself as a respected performer, educator and collaborator after joining the Vancouver Symphony as Principal Percussionist in 1997. He is also a member of two new music chamber groups: Standing Wave and the Turning Point Ensemble, and is a frequent guest and leader of the Music on Main All-Star Band. Vern can be heard on recordings with all of these groups, as well as on soundtracks for Disney, ABC, IMAX, NFB, EA Sports, and Dreamworks. Vern also teaches at the UBC School of Music and the Vancouver Symphony School of Music.

Wall to Wall Percussion is a very fun show he wrote that features all the musicianship, zaniness, and creativity that go into being a percussionist. The show takes place “at Vern’s house”, and thus the stage will be full literally from wall to wall with plenty of instruments, a kitchen, an instrument-making workshop, living room, and more. There is plenty of audience participation and fun for everyone!  He has played this show over 25 times with the Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, and Toronto Symphonies, and is thrilled to be appearing now with the Calgary Philharmonic for the first time.

Vern Griffiths will perform at Wall-To-Wall Percussion on June 3, 2018.