Leo Sato

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Leo Sato

As Calgary’s most recognized tango dancer, Mr. Leo Sato spent much of his youth training as a competitive bodybuilder under the tutelage of Ken Suemitsu (1972 IFBB Mr. Universe) till winning a Provincial title. Suemitsu, having been a ballroom dancer, taught Leo the basic of choreographies.

After retiring from bodybuilding, Leo focused his passion to dance. His true love now lies with Tango. Today, Leo is a performer and an instructor and established mentor to thousands of students for over 16 years. Leo and his partner have performed numerous events including British blockbuster film, ‘Burn-up’ and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘Buenos Aires Night’ in 2008. His Youtube channel has over 3,000 subscribers and 1 million views worldwide.

Leo Sato & Marina Gonzalez will perform at Buenos Aires Tango with Sarah Chang