Jeans ‘n Classics

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Project Description

Peter Brennan’s Jeans ‘n Classics is a winner! Since its inception, it has been a star performer in the arts and entertainment scene. Its concept of combining rock musicians and headlining stars with world-class symphony orchestras has drawn record-setting capacity crowds.

Jeans ‘n Classics appeals to an age group from 25 to 65, with a heavy concentration in the Classic Rock audience. The patrons are symphony-goers, enthusiastic sponsors and business professionals who wish to entertain clients, investors and reward employees.

Jeans ‘n Classics is a group of musicians who understand orchestra culture and are committed to helping in the building of younger, loyal audiences for symphony orchestras across Canada and the United States.

Jeans ‘n Classics will perform Pop Hits: Adele to Pharrell on April 21, 2018