Dr. Niobe Thompson

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Project Description

Cambridge-trained anthropologist-turned-filmmaker Dr. Niobe Thompson is known to audiences around the world for his infectious fascination with the human journey, from our evolutionary origins to the present day.  An informed but accessible on-screen presence, Niobe has a reputation for making his body into a living laboratory, bringing science to life in ways that delight, inspire and often shock his audiences.  From free-diving with the nomadic Badjao in the Philippines to joining Chukchi reindeer herders on a winter migration, from running a 125-km ultramarathon in the interests of science to following the archeological breadcrumbs of our human journey out of Africa, Niobe transforms scientific inquiry into a gripping adventure of discovery.

Niobe founded Canada-based Clearwater Documentary in 2009, and since then, his films have won four Gemini and Canadian Screen Awards for “Best Science & Nature Documentary”, “Best Direction” and “Best Photography” and “Best Original Music”, as well as 21 Alberta Film Awards, 7 Canadian Screen Award nominations, and major genre wins at Banff, Jackson Hole and History Makers.  Niobe is the only filmmaker to have received the Edmonton Film Prize twice, for The Perfect Runner and The Great Human Odyssey.  Many of his projects begin with CBC’s “The Nature of Things” and Canada’a National Film Board, before airing on prestigious documentary strands of the world’s leading broadcasters, including Arte, PBS, NHK, France Televisions, RAI, and ZDF.

Dr. Niobe Thompson will narrate The Great Human Odyssey on April 27 in our Rush Hour series, on April 28 in our Discovery series & April 29 in our Symphony Sundays for Kids series.