Compañía Azul

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Project Description

Compañía Azul has a heart split between the coasts of Atlantic Canada and the dry earth of Andalusia. Drawn to the beauty of the music, movement and rhythms of flamenco, they create a passionate, stunning display of emotion, sound and colour. Founded by dancer Megan Matheson Hamilton  “La Azulita”  in 2010, the company strives to bring a new voice to flamenco, melding diverse backgrounds in various musical styles, while remaining grounded in the flamenco traditions and inspired by the rawness of the art form.

Megan is accompanied by an incomparable set of musicians: Daniel MacNeil (composer/guitarist), Sean Harris (vocalist) and Ian MacMillan (percussion). Joining her in the dance are rising Canadian flamenco talents Sandra Tziporah and Sean Andrews and guest dancersTracy Cumberbatch (Calgary), Anastassiia La Musa (Calgary), Jessica Peñalver-Côté (Calgary) and Christina Penney (St. John’s).

Their show is a journey through flamenco. The inherently improvisational art form, when paired with symphony, creates an exciting “coming-together” of two worlds. The result: a fiercely passionate evening of music and dance.

Compañía Azul will perform at Fandango: Sizzling Flamenco on May 4 & 5, 2018.