High Tea with High Fashion

High Tea with High Fashion



The CPO’s Cork & Canvas High Tea In Style event on March 22 at The Fairmont Palliser (now sold out) will showcase high fashion from OOH LA LA Womenswear. We chatted with Chris Wells, OOH LA LA owner and buyer, for a sneak peek of what people can expect to see during the fashion show!

Q: How did you start in the fashion industry?

CW: I did modeling many many years ago. While walking down the runway, I had an epiphany, I thought it would be much more interesting to actually be buying the clothes for a retailer then it was to model them.  I started working in the buying office for Holt Renfrew shortly after that. It was a Holt Renfrew couture show  that I was doing at the time.  

Q: We heard the fashion show will feature designer labels that are exclusive to Ooh La La. Which labels are those?

CW: Blumarine, Moschino, Cheap & Chic, Cedric Charlier, Philosophy, Jean Paul Gaultier, and some accessories line that no one has in Canada.

Q: Which article of clothing are you most excited for people to see at the fashion show, and why?

CW: There is never just one item.  Fashion is a composition of silhouettes and color and the confidence that the wearer exudes.  I never have a favorite.  I love everything that will be going down the runway!

Q: What spring trends are you seeing for 2014?

CW: There is never really one trend, and that’s a good thing.  We all are built differently and should only wear what we are comfortable in.  Color seems to be the de rigueur this spring. Time to put away our black clothes.



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