From the News Desk to the Choir Loft

From the News Desk to the Choir Loft

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Breakfast Television host Tara Slone sang with the CPO Chorus last year for Sing-Along Messiah. Hear about her experience! You can still get your tickets to our December 8 show!

Q: Why did you choose to participate?

A: I joined a church choir as a kid specifically so I could sing The Messiah. I love it.

Q: Did anything about your experience surprise you?

A: I was pleasantly surprised at how much I remembered from when I was a kid. And… I was nervous!

Q: Take us back to the day of the performance. What were you most nervous and/or excited about?

A: The pieces move so quickly; I was really worried about keeping up.

Q: Why should people come to Sing-Along?

A: It is SO much fun!!!

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