Five Fun Facts about James Bond Films

Five Fun Facts about James Bond Films

September is Bond month at the CPO! We have a Bond cocktail party fundraiser, You Only Live Twice, on September 18, and then two concerts on September 19 and 20!

In the spirit of Bond, here are five fun facts we gathered about 007 (if you’re scared of sharks you may want to cover your eyes for two of these clips!):

1. Barrel roll record: The car barrel roll stunt in Casino Royale broke the world record for the most barrel rolls assisted by a cannon.

2. 77 piece orchestra: To live up to expectations for a “Bond” song, Adele and producer Paul Epworth recruited a 77-piece orchestra to compose Skyfall.

3. $450 bonus: Stuntman Bill Cumming was paid $450 extra to jump into Largo’s shark infested pool in Thunderball.

4. Bach Air on G String: In The Spy Who Loved Me madman Karl Stromberg played Bach’s Air on G String while he watched his sharks attack an unfortunate victim.

5. Tosca and Bond: In Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig follows villain Dominic Greene to the Bregenz open air theatre, where Tosca was being performed.

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